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Steel tubing is everywhere. This multi-functional tubing is a necessity in many industries and accounts for roughly 8% of all global steel shipments. This highly versatile tubing has a broad range of uses ranging from beautiful decorative accents to strictly functional. Contrary to belief, stainless steel tubing doesn’t have to be circular. This tubing comes in all shapes and sizes, thick and thin, short and long, rectangular, oval, D-shaped, and more!

Here are some of the most common uses for stainless steel tubing:

Industrial Applications

Steel tubing is a necessity for industrial applications, where fluid transport is a crucial part of many industrial production lines. Most commonly, stainless steel tubing is used to transport gasses, water, and other liquid wastes throughout industrial complexes.


Steel tubing is an important, and commonly used, component in industrial machines. Steel tubing can be used to build a wide variety of machinery, including conveyor belts, mills, production lines, hydraulic lifts and more!


Most of the things we use to get around in our daily lives are dependent on steel tubing to function. Cars, planes, trains, trucks and almost any mode of transportation you can think of wouldn’t run without stainless steel tubing, which is used to transport gasses and liquids, like gas and oil, to the fuel lines and engine.


Steel tubing is often used in the building of a high quality home and commercial buildings. It is utilized in both decorative and purely functional ways. Architectural designers often make the aesthetic choice to use steel tubing on their buildings as it can be used as a very striking accent, perfect for decorative ceilings and roofs. Functionally speaking, stainless steel tubing is commonly used as a part of stairway railings or as part of building support structures.

Home Appliances

You wouldn’t believe how many of your most commonly used home appliances rely on stainless steel tubing to function. Steel pipe is found in a variety of home appliances you use every day including refrigerators, sinks, toilets, water dispensers, home heating systems, water filtration systems, and more! Even your weed whacker and grill rely on steel tubing to allow them to function with ease!


If you’ve been ill, steel tubing might have had a hand in helping to get you back on your feet. The medical industry uses stainless steel tubing in a variety of hospital equipment and patient assistance applications. Stainless steel tubing is an essential component of a plethora of complex hospital equipment including surgical tools, orthopedic implants, stethoscopes, hospital beds, wheelchairs, IV stands and more!

Looking To Purchase Stainless Steel Tubing?

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