Decorative Metal Fabrication

CE Metal Fabrication works with architects, designers, builders, artists and other individuals to help their creative metalwork ideas come to life. We offer architectural metal fabrication for many different decorative and ornamental projects, including business signs, staircase handrails, railing systems, circular staircases, gates, furniture, and fixtures.

Our knowledge of metal fabrication and materials can help inform the design process and give our clients the ability to dream up nearly endless possibilities for their decorative or architectural projects. We can use a wide variety of sheet metal materials for your project and help you choose what materials match the surrounding design elements.

We can complete nearly any metal fabrication product and can be involved with designing, detailing and supplying custom components that will meet any of the design challenges you may face.

Decorative and ornamental sheet metal have long been used as an effective way to add appeal to buildings and outdoor spaces. Let your imagination run wild. Our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machines capabilities are practically endless.

Decorative and ornamental metal fabrication is a specialized service. It requires a skill set and the experience that we have worked hard to acquire at CE Metal Fabrication. Contact us today to speak with us about your metal fabrication needs. Our team of experts is here make your creative vision a reality.