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Balusters are a beautiful, functional part of any staircase. In recent years, aluminum balusters have become increasingly popular as an option that is not only affordable and low maintenance but visually appealing as well.

Looking to get started installing your aluminum balusters? Check out our easy, 3-step installation process and tip guide below:

Step One: Purchase Your Materials

First, find a manufacturer that produces aluminum balusters in the design you’re looking for. Try and purchase balusters designed with a hollow tube that can be slipped over connectors and screwed to the top and bottom rails of your staircase.

Step Two: Screw Down Your Baluster Connectors

Lay out your bottom and top rails and carefully screw down each baluster connector. Be warned, this part of the process can be slow going. If you are using these balusters to do a large commercial or construction job, or if you are on a tight deadline, you may want to use a jig to help speed up this process.

Pro Tip: Fashioning a jig is simple and can speed things along! To make one, mark a length of PVC pipe with your baluster layout and attach it to your rail. This will help locate and secure the baluster connectors over the railing. Once the jig is in place over the railing, only drop in a connector and screw them down into the railing. Then move the jig to the next spot on the rail!

Step Three: Assemble And Stabilize Your Railing

Adding a galvanized, threaded rod to the top and bottom sections of your rail can help prevent sagging. Bowing or sagging rails could cause the balusters to become loose or even fall out. To install the rods, only drop a baluster connector into the jig and drill a hole through it. Be sure to cut the hole through both the top and bottom rail sections. Then, feed the rod through the hole in the connector, baluster, and rail section. Then install tightening nuts and washers to clamp the rails together. After the nuts are tightened, saw off the end of the threaded rod flush with the railing, and finish with a rail cap to cover the top of the hole!

Pro Tip: Double up on tightening nuts to prevent loosening over time!

Looking To Purchase Aluminum Balusters?

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