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There are many applications for sheet metal, and metal fabricators have almost as many tools at their disposal when creating custom products and machinery. Sheet metal undergoes various processes, including shearing, bending, shaping, blanking, and punching. Here are some of the tools used to get those processes done.

English Wheel

Known as a wheeling machine in the UK, the English wheel has been in use for many years. The English wheel works by passing a sheet of metal between an upper wheel that rolls and the smaller, lower anvil wheel. The smaller wheels have a curved surface and are interchangeable. While they are easy to operate, English Wheels do require patience and practice to master.

These machines can achieve a high level of precision and quality at a relatively low price and are used to form many metal parts, including everything from motorcycle and automotive components and panels to artwork.

Planishing Hammer

Planishing is a technique that smooths the metal. Rough forming first shapes the metal with tools or mallets; then the surface is smoothed out with the planishing hammer.

Sheet Metal Corner Notchers

These tools are available in benchtop or floor mounted models and are, as the name suggests, used to cut notch corners of sheet metal.

Multi Press

These are used exclusively for bending sheet metal. There are several models of multi-presses to accommodate sheet metal of different levels of thicknesses.

Punch and Flange Tools

These handy tools are easy to use for crimping flanges in sheet metal. They can provide quick and accurate results. It works as an air punch and an air collar for auto body repair.

Shrinker / Stretcher

These tools are ideal for auto body trim work, door panel edging, and openings, or any other metalwork that involves very difficult-to-buy products.
The shrinker utilizes a set of jaws that draw the edge of the metal inward from opposite directions, which makes it shrink, creating an inner curve. Doing the opposite, the stretcher uses a set of jaws that spread the metal outward in different directions, which makes it stretch.

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CE Metal Fabrication
CE Metal Fabrication
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