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Custom craftsmanship and design combined with state-of-the-art machinery can create just about anything that a home or business can imagine. Whether it’s custom metal stairs, wrought iron designs, decorative metal art displays, business signs, or something else, metal fabricators are trained to create some of the most stunning metal artwork designs out there.


What type of decorative metal materials are there and what can be created from them?

The most common types of metal materials that are used in decorative metal fabrication include aluminum, copper, steel, and stainless steel. The list of designs that can be created is truly incredible and often include custom hand railings, fences, or gates, wall hangings, steel door pulls, and one-of-a-kind sculptures.


What is your vision?

Have an idea, but not sure how to execute it? Decorative metal fabrication specialists can bring your creative vision to life. Each person is trained to use top quality materials and products that yield stunning, one-of-a-kind results. With precision and expert execution, fabricators take advantage of the metal’s natural beauty and enhance it through design innovation. This means you’ll have something totally unique to your interior or exterior space.



Can fabricators help with design and development?

Fabricators are trained to take concepts and transform them into innovative designs that push the limits of what’s already been done. If you want something exclusive to your environment, metal fabrication can be the perfect solution. Our team works with Computer Numerical Control Machines that will help put the ideas that you’ve imagined into practical, real-world designs. The possibilities truly never end.


Why should I work with a decorative metal fabricator?

Whether it’s at home or for a large office building, decorative and ornamental metals have been used for years as a helpful way to create appeal for the interior and exterior of various buildings.  


Some examples of products fabricators can create:


  • Metal sheets:
    Decorative metal sheets can showcase uniquely etched grains and breathtaking colors. We work with aluminum metal, stainless steel, laser cut, or corrugated metal.  
  • Columns:
    Decorative columns can come in different colors and can be done to fit various budgets and environments. We can create work on round, oval, or square columns.
  • Flat walls:
    Add a sleek, elegant look to any space with custom-made metal laminate sheets.
  • Dimensional walls:
    Want the elegance of a metal wall but want some added dimension to it to make it stand out even more? Dimensional walls can create depth like nothing else can.   


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CE Metal Fabrication
CE Metal Fabrication
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