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The capabilities of metal fabricators have evolved to remarkable lengths. Metal design has always been intricate, even dating back to ancient history, though the technology has allowed for near-complete customization. With current software and laser technologies, if you can dream it, it can be made.

To illustrate, we’ve culled together a list of some of the coolest fabricated metal works that have ever been made. It’s so interesting to see the scope of what metal fabricators are capable of producing.

1. 3D United States Flag on Metal and Pine

American Flag made from wood and fabricated metal

Image via Pinterest

Look at the tiny space between each star. The precision with which the 50 stars are cut reveals the hand of a professional and skilled craftsman. For this piece, the metal was cut and wrapped around hand oiled pine.

2. Metal Kingfish

Kingfish made of decorative metal

Image via Pinterest

“Two Face Kingfish” is an intricate work of metal art. It measures 50 cm high and 80 cm wide. Made entirely of metal, the artist has fabricated one side of the scales with blue steel while using mild shiny steel on the other side.

The artist, Gert Engelbrecht, is an accomplished welder from South Africa who has been creating beautiful metal sculptures of animals for years. Check out more of his work to see some awesome metal art of wild animals from all over the world.

3. Light Fixtures Made from Woven Metal Fabric

Light fixture made of woven fabricated metal

Image via Pinterest

This light fixture is crafted with fabric made of a thin and flexible metal. It’s woven, and creates a glimmering effect when the light passes through. The real beauty of the metal is that it can be continuously shaped to create different lighting effects, even folded flat (or straight up). It’s like the ultimate lampshade!

This fixture hails from Poland’s Studio MMozolewska, made by a team of brilliant artists and designer Malrgozata Mozolewska. It was featured in Milan Design Week in 2015.

4. Laser Cut Staircase

Fancy staircase designed and installed in New York City

Image via Pinterest

Behold, a brilliant display of laser cutting technology. This staircase connects two floors of a New York loft in Tribeca. It was created as a tribute to an Edmund Pearce staircase designed in the 17th century.

5. Tiki Fire Place

Metal tiki firepit in someone's backyard

Image via Pinterest

How genius – merging traditional backyard art like tiki torches with hand-welded metal design to create an incredible and functional piece for the back patio. We are quite impressed with the hands – look at how the metal is bent to form grips around the torches!

6. Metal Lion Sculpture

Lion woven from fabricated metal

Image via Pinterest

Artist Selçuk Yılmaz made this glistening masterpiece with 4,000 strips of metal. You can see why it took over a year to create – each strand of the lion’s mane is hammered and uniquely curved from a different piece of metal. The actual piece is the entire lion’s body, not just the head, and weighs 550 pounds.  

7. Motocross Industrial Gear Lamp

A lamp made with customized metal cogs as base

Image via Pinterest

This handcrafted lamp is made of real gears at the base and paired with a contemporary lamp shade. Don’t think you can just glue a few gears together…it’s a bit more complicated than that! This would make a great gift for steampunk lovers.

8. Metal Fabricated Horse

A horse made of fabricated metal

Image via Pinterest

Artists who work with metal often love to use found objects, as each part brings a different style and history to the overall piece. In this horse sculpture, found gears, panels and pieces of metal are used to create a horse that almost looks like a droid from Star Wars! The level of sculpture work that goes into this kind of metal fabrication is remarkable.

9. Figurative Metallic Sculpture

A body made of woven fabricated metal

Image via Pinterest

Who knew you could tell such a story of human emotion with a bunch of pieces of metal? The entire piece is made with welded cross-hatched areas of metal. The artist has tight use of metal bending – look at the slight curve in “posture” above the shoulder blade. This is a great example of how metal fabrication can be used to create moving art, not just functional items.

10. Organic Kinetic Sculptures

A giant kinetic piece of metal art

Image via Pinterest

French artist Patrice Hubert creates gigantic metal sculptures to show the “seemingly limitless possibilities of nature and machine” (according to his website). At the center of each piece is a shimmering tinted glass orb, which looks best when light is passed through it.

These artists and metalworkers prove that anything is possible in the world of metal fabrication. Their use of metal involves an attention to detail and precision that makes their works a premier form of sculpting.

Hopefully this has jumpstarted an idea of your own, of a metal sculpture you’d like to see built. If so, share your vision with us. We can top the Pinterest charts!

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