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Stainless steel sheet metal comes in many forms, making it an excellent choice for a wide variety of projects, particularly when rust resistance and durability are important. Here are some decorative stainless steel options you can choose from:

Bright Tree Bark

The tree bark pattern is just what it sounds like. Giving the steel the appearance of tree bark, this decorative pattern offers a bold, textured design that is both durable and scratch-resistant. This makes it an ideal material for kitchen backsplashes.

Random Swirl

This successful stainless steel treatment can be created mechanically to achieve some visual effects. This treatment is designed for architectural applications and kitchen backsplashes.

Satin Quilt

Satin quilt comes with diagonally-patterned stainless steel sheets, which subdues direct light, adding more warmth to spaces and appliances. The diagonal lines break up room patterns that are traditionally horizontal or vertical in nature. Satin quilt has an appealing industrial finish and a high level of impact resistance.

Bright Quilt Stainless Steel

Bright quilt stainless steel also has diagonal lines, but alternatively it reflects light, making rooms brighter. The way the metal boldly reflects light is reminiscent of a 1950’s diner, and the material is often used today to replicate that aesthetic.

Harlequin Quilt

Harlequins were originally comic servants from hundreds of years ago, known for their checkered costumes. The Harlequin quilt stainless steel resembles those checkered patterns, mixing both the bright quilt and satin panels to break up the light patterns. This style is used to accent the richness of wood or other fine cabinetries.

Bright Checkerboard

Bright checkerboard stainless steel is a bold visual choice often used in high traffic areas like public facilities. The patterns diffuse bright or direct light.

Hammered Connecticut Style

The Connecticut style of hammered stainless sheet is developed with a medium wave-like pattern that is a favorite decorative application for smooth flowing surfaces such as sinks, fixtures, bars, and countertops.

Bright Hammered

Bright hammered stainless steel is another pattern that is effective at diffusing bright or direct light. They can be installed on either side, giving the client the option to have the indentations going in or out.

Bright Ocean

The bright ocean is a beautiful stainless steel option with subtle, irregular patterns. It is a popular choice for bar tops, fixtures, and storefronts. Also, it is a beautiful way to accent wood, which makes it popular for use in kitchen cabinetry.

Decorative stainless steel metal fabrication is a specialized skill that CE Metal Fabrication takes great pride in offering our clients. We can use our expertise to help make all stages of a project run smoothly. Whether you are looking to create a particular upgrade to your kitchen or have a commercial renovation project that you need help with, give CE Metal Fabrication a call today.

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CE Metal Fabrication
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